I have proudly partnered with the Creative Teams at  Google, Grace Ormonde, Live Nation, The Trust, UCSF, the Israel Cancer Research Fund, The Institutes, Innovators Edge, Indiegogo, The United Way,

the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club, NBCU, and more. 


Ken Fay

As a Producer, Director, and Writer my job is to look at the world through a lens of creativity and innovation.


This look through the lens has taken me from coast to coast and around the globe.

Whether in the jungles of mainland China producing feature segments for Concordia University, in the streets of New York coordinating multiple freelance production crews on a series, or in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles directing a live awards show with A list performers; the lens has shown me a world full of texture, story, and possibilities.

From Concept to Completion

Developing Award-Winning Stories that Stimulate Viewership & Build Brands

I have always been passionate about the narrative in crafting content for broadcast and web.

This passion has allowed me to write, direct, and produce in a variety of genres that include; commercial ads, promotional pieces, features, long and short form documentaries, bio videos, network productions, series, educational, health, insurance, technology, and corporate communications.

Award Winning

Emmy Award Winning Veteran Visual Storyteller; whether moving the viewer through a documentary, calling customers to action in a commercial spot, focusing on issues for a public service announcement (PSA), or educating and inspiring viewers through corporate or non-profit communications.


Producer across multiple media platforms (video, print, websites and social media).

Team Leader

Director of the Production Process from Concept to Completion, maximizing talent and crew, aligning with clients, creating proposals, script writing, directing talent and production team members, managing and synchronizing multiple media sources.



Managing production crews, vendors, and talent throughout the phases of production while providing creative input, strategy, and oversight to multiple teams is a foundation of my work.

Researching topics and conducting in-depth interviews, developing strategy, structure, and feedback for implementation and delivery, collaborating with digital marketing and sales teams, offering processes to increase revenue, representing teams and productions at high profile events, and directing crew and talent while ensuring client and stakeholder satisfaction are all in a day's work for me.



Senior Producer
Producer - CN8



Production Assistant


Director of Productions





Awards & Honors




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